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Amyjoellefreeman 72321
12/12/2022 3:19:54 PM
Amyjoellefreeman 72321
Very compassionate and accurate
11/26/2022 12:27:23 PM
KalenaKay 41859
What a unbelievable experience. She seemed to be right there with my thoughts. Love is a tricky thing. But she was confident. And thoughtful.. Excellent Advisor.. A must call...
11/2/2022 11:40:21 PM
Cstephens 65521
Not a good connection but thank you for your time
11/8/2021 2:39:37 PM
Toya 37434
She's fantastic!! Onpoint, fast, a must call...once my funds permit I'll definitely be calling..thank you
5/19/2021 11:59:22 AM
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