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  • Associates degree in Behavioral Science

Trinity Black

Specializes in Psychic medium,Love and relationship

Psychic, Psychic Advice, Tarot, & Psychic Medium

The universe has all of the answers. You are loved and connected to other realms. Whether a loved one passed over or a spiritual guide or master would communicate. They are ready and eager to communicate. Integrity is key in my book, I do not people please. The universe will never let you down.

Medium, tarot, akashic reader, I also do intuitive and crystal readings along with the angels.I have spent many decades honing and mastering my gifts in the spiritual realms and it is my joy to channel, read cards or use my intuition and psychic abilities give you the answers that you seek. I am grateful to be able to hear and sense your before you even call. We are one. We are eternal. I look forward to sharing what the loving entities in the spiritual realm would love to share with you.

$3.99 each minute
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