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Specializes in Tarot reading,Other psychic advice

Psychic, Psychic Advice, Tarot, & Psychic Medium

Certified psychic reader & and advisor reiki healing, chakra balancing specializing in love & career!

Celebrity Love Psychic Gianna Tailor Made Psychic Readings, Tarot Card Readings & Palm Readings customized to your specific needs Accurate Psychic Guidance in Love, Career and Finance. When it comes to psychic healing and readings, the woman to turn to is Gianna. Gianna has traveled around the globe demonstrating her one-of-a-kind abilities. Through individual readings, workshops and lectures, she provides her services to those who need answers. Although, clients may live countries away, Gianna offers phone and internet services so that all may reach her powerful wonders. Gianna has traveled extensively throughout the world gathering information about how to help People on a Physical, Mental and Spiritual level.

$4.99 each minute
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