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Hi! Im a intuitive empath tarot card reader!

I`m so glad that you found me! I`m an intuitive empath...with many other spiritual gifts! I SPECIALIZE IN LOVE & RELATIONSHIPS! BUT... MONEY .. CAREER...ECT IS NO ISSUE FOR ME.

I found my gift they came about through lots of pain .. suffering...and loss ..the longest dark night of the soul as I like to reference back to it. I read the tarot of course!.. But I also use some Astrology... numerology...and most importantly the messages I receive..from spirit!...as well as ...all my life experiences! The good! The bad! The ugly! To always give out the most important and best possible advice to each of you!... Please know.. that I`m a very HONEST reader ! .. Which means... YOU MOST LIKELY SHOULD PLAN ON OCCASIONALLY.. hearing things from me that u may not want to hear! I have to be true to myself and true to those who seek my guidance! ...SO I ALWAYS TELL THE TRUTH!

My only goal is to leave you with fewer questions about the unknown...and bring you more clarity...after all knowledge is power...I`m here to help in any way that I can! This is a judgment FREE zone! There are no dumb questions... U cannot surprise or shock me! I`m so glad that your here. . exactly where u need to be!


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