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Aggie Celeste

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Specializes in Tarot reading,Love and relationship

How Does He or She feel and think about you

!!PLEASE READ!! Hi. I’m not in control of what I see, feel, or hear therefor I will be receiving and sharing guidance through your energy vibrations.

Please relax your mind before connecting with me and wash away all expectations you may have or perceived outcomes. Spirit doesn’t always give you what you want to hear but the message you need to hear. I work with the tarot and angel cards so direct questions work best for the readings.

Example of how to ask your question “ My name is Jane Doe, my birthday is 11/2/1988 My person of interest is John Smith, his birthday is 10/24/1982. We have been dating for two years now. We are currently on good terms. But he lives at a distance from me. I would like to know if this relationship is going to lead to marriage?

OR: I’m single and want to know who is coming into my life next.

My Experience:

I`ve been consciously reading people and tarot for 15 years and counting. The best energy I can pick up on is romantic love situations. I can read all life areas has well just my best and most accurate is love. I`m here to help guide those that are in need. I am judgment free, any question you have will not shock or surprise me. We all have difficulties in some part of your lives maybe even every area of your life. It`s ok, I`m here to listen and help you through this difficult stage. This is your life and you may just need to hear what the universe is trying to tell you through the cards. Call me today to get your friendly judgment free reading.

$5.99 each minute
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  • Amazing detailed reading. Thank you

    - Val

    August 15, 2021