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  • Psychic Medium
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  • MBA

Starlight Healer

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Specializes in Psychic medium,Life coaching

Psychic medium- Twinflame/soulmate *quick answers*

Thank you for visiting my profile. I am a 4th generation psychic intuitive. Since I was five years old, my parents recognized I had the ability to see things before they happened through dreams and visions. At the age of 11, I ignored my gifts to fit in with my friends until I experienced three major life events that shifted my linear world back into the spiritual (2019). Since then, all my gifts have been restored (Clairvoyance, Claircognizant, Clairsentient) along with the ability to see some future events.

I met my Twin flame in 2018 and that was the catalyst that pushed me towards my spiritual growth, consciousness, and wholeness.I specialize in the following areas: Twin flame/Soulmate, love/relationships, career/business, spirituality, life coaching, work-life balance, and wellness. I have been providing readings for family, friends, colleagues, and other psychics since early 2020 and clients in 2022.


Through our conversations, the goal is to answer your questions quickly and with clarity to put your mind at ease. I use a balanced approach by using my psychic gifts (intuition) and logic to effectively address topics from relationships to career.

Life path: Together, we will nurture your mind, body, and spirit, unveiling the incredible individual you are destined to become. Get ready to embrace positive change and embark on a journey of growth, as you step into a brighter and healthier version of yourself. During our conversation, I will help you discover the power within you to create lasting positive change and embrace a healthier, more balanced life. Occasionally I use tools such as tarot, number codes, and astrology to validate the answers to questions you may ask. I use a direct, compassionate approach to communicating the messages that I receive to share.

Begin your journey towards a healthier, more balanced life today.

Here are is some feedback from previous readings:

"I have had readings from Starlight Healer for the past three years. She is highly intuitive and figures out the right tools and methods that work at an individualistic level. The two areas I have leaned on for assistance from Starlight were the relationship and career sectors. I had no idea how much healing I needed in my interpersonal relationships and that first began with healing myself. In our conversations, Starlight would intuitively bring up a topic or an event that no other way she would have known, except for her abilities. I highly recommend Starlight for your life will change for the better.” GD

“My reading with Starlight was an unexpected delight. I wasn’t expecting anything, but the insights she shared both through the cards and gifts left me feeling at peace. I left with much-needed clarity.” AM

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  • Wow wow wow!! Starlight Healer is nothing short of amazing. I was interested in seeing what’s coming in for love me for as I’ve been single for a while. SH was able to connect right into my energy, could recognize immediately what I’ve been through and her accuracy was spot on. My jaw was dropped the whole time. I’m excited to see how these predictions unfold. Don’t hesitate to call her, you will not be disappointed. I will definitely be back!

    - ChristsDaughter

    August 6, 2023